Timelines and Your Genealogy

Timelines.  You can download a free digital timeline from http://familyhistoryExpos.com  onto your own computer. You can expand it, type on it, print it off, and write on it.

Why Timelines are Important—for your Genealogy Research.
You can expand any field
You can remove any field
You can color coordinate fields for  quick comparisons
You can embed photos, documents, images, scans, maps into text or any field
Your data can be listed in order by date, by place, by surname, by source, by pattern
You can download a timeline for free for paper copies or add it to your computer for use online
You can add new items at any point
You can remove errors or questionable data easily
You can compare fields with other timelines, with information in printed books
You can compare your data from any source or illustration
You can create your research plan and future searches directly on your timelines
You can organize your research knowledge as a beginning place for each pedigree line
You can command your data and knowledge—for analysis, to make decisions of where to go next, or which family requires your attention next
You can share your timelines with family members and local society editors as teaching examples for other researchers to learn from

And when you have a special question about any aspect of your research, you can run a timeline! In my opinion, it is one of the most significant research tools available.

This is a Key Research Strategy—
Begin with what you know
Write down in chronological order
No copyright, no restrictions on use
Add your name, address, phone numbers, email
Circulate it—add to your profile on the Internet
Print copies and insert with postal letters, with requests to libraries and archives.
Put it on your website or your blog where it can be indexed by Google

 Why it Succeeds–
The timeline has data
People keep it—it is interesting and amusing–it can benefit others
Librarians and archivists file it in surname files
Databases copy it

I invite you to give it a try, your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS I have used timelines for many years–and now you can get a free download from http://familyhistoryexpos.com

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