Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated!

!  My garage door is gone and the contents have been cleared out of it. And I did not do it.  My neighbors saw two men with a truck and a trailer working on it.  Not me.

My beloved truck is now in the possession of my grandson as a farm truck.  He is happy.  My truck is happy.  And I am happy that my truck is still doing good work.  I am not, however, driving it any more.

And since I have been gone off and on, my Dodge Grand Caravan Van has been gone too.

!  So people began asking my grandson if I had passed away.  What a hoot…

And just in case you gentles readers got wind of this rumor, I wanted you to know that I am going strong–mowing my lawns myself and working to get the Genealogy Library Center ready to open.

The Book lists for Genealogies and Histories from the Conner-Bishop Collection which arrived at my library in January, have now been posted on my Home Page.  Go to Genealogy Library on the left-hand menu.  And you will see the links.  Kathryn, my webmaster, has prepared PDF files for both lists.

The Genealogies are listed on 651 pp. and the Histories required 1172 pages!  They are arranged by Title in alphabetical order, with family surnames for the Genealogies and locations for the Histories.  When the list opens, it is horizontal on the page.  Just turn it clockwise  to view.

Two other sections of the Collection are still to come, including microfilm and microfiche, maps, and special subject matter–census, military pensions, city directories, newspapers, and many other categories.  Stay tuned.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  The Family History Expos Retreat in Nauvoo gets underway on Thursday and runs through Saturday this week.  If you want a truly special research experience, there is still room to register and attend.

PPS  The subject matter for the Research Retreat allows you to work on your own research interests while learning the research process in a new and focused way.  This special curriculum is not included or presented at any other event. Nor is the syllabus included with the other handouts for 2014 available at Expos through the year.  You can only get this material at a Research Retreat.





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