Have Trailer, Will Travel to Save Genealogy Stuff

As most of you know, I am passionate about saving genealogy collections that might otherwise end up at the garbage dump or in the shredder.

So Holly Hansen, her daughter Shyanna, and I drove from Atlanta to Connecticut, following the Family History Expo at the Gwinnett Convention Center in Duluth Georgia,  to pick up 15 boxes of books and periodicals from Tom Kemp.

Pulling Holly’s trailer though the mountains of eastern United States is a real adventure.  Add rain and wind gusts of 35-45 miles an hour.  Add  semi-trucks traveling way too fast whizzing past or pushing from behind.  Add motorists eager to get home and out of the storm–and you get some idea of the challenge we faced on this trip today.

No snow, yet.

We still have to pick up a hemstitching machine for Kimberly.  In Illinois.

Then carry our treasures home to  Utah–where I will inventory  the books and prepare a book list to share with patrons of the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. and with all you gentle readers of this blog.   Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  Then back to the Family History Library to complete the research follow-ups for clients with challenging New York-Vermont pedigrees.  Stay tuned for all the exciting, blow-by-blow details.

PPS  But first, a short trip to Niagara Falls before heading west!

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