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– Show Airs Live: Friday, Dec. 21 from 11am-1pm PT / 12pm-2pm MT / 2pm-4pm ET.
– Technical Issues / Emergencies: If you have any problems connecting at all, please hang up and dial in again. That goes for during the show too – any problems, hang up and call in again. Or, send an email –
– Interview Length: Approximately 1 hour.
– Interview Topics: Family Holiday Traditions, Researching Family History…how to get started with your holiday gatherings this year, Family Communication, etc.
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Today is 21 December 2018, part of the Winter Equinox when the death of the Sun-God was celebrated anciently with the burning of the Yule-Log. All the world mourned his death and the loss it brought. Next morning, trees and wreaths were decorated to mark the re-birth of the Sun-God and the return to prosperity these ancient peoples had learned to expect. The Roman Church enticed members by incorporating these traditions–the Yule Log, the Christmas Tree, garlands and wreaths, and much more–into celebrations associated with Christianity and the worship of Jesus Christ.

Some of our most treasured Christmas traditions and celebrations descended to us from ancient Babylonia this way. Tune in to the Radio Show live or listen at your convenience later using the Link and instructions above. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS WordPress changes formats and screen shots without warning–so I am somewhat uncertain if my blog post will work as I planned. Check back on Monday, if you can’t make it work for you to hear this broadcast. My webmaster may be able to change what doesn’t work.

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