For all this and much more, I give my thanks

As November comes to an end, with Thanksgiving at the very end of the month, my thoughts and heart are filled with great gratitude for all that is mine.

Good health and incredible stamina

Good friends who care enough to share their wisdom and experience and learnings

Good food–safe from harsh chemicals and fatal additives

Good libraries and archives where your genealogy evidence and mine is housed

Good genealogy websites with ancestors lined up all in a row

Good, gentle readers of this blog–who read and then share their own perspective

Good neighbors willing to watch out for me

And an old, evergreen bush with a new, well-shaped fir tree growing out of the top of it!  We cut it out–it is over 6 feet tall–and placed it in a water-stand.  It now graces my living room with its heavenly scent and its rich meaning. . .”only God can make a [Christmas] tree.”   Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  And good genealogists who want their research files and books preserved and shared.  I received three new collections this past month.  And additional files for collections already sent.  And requests for two large collections of research files to be accepted.  Our genealogy cup runneth over.

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