Using the Census, Part III: Census Trail to Finding Your Lost Ancestors

An amazing website for genealogists appeared in the back matter to a new compilation of Legislative Petitions, 1740-1804, New Jersey. 3 volumes. Over 64,000 persons were included with a full description of the petition, the date, and the full source citation for that entry.  Entries are alphabetical.  Census Publishing, PO Box 612, West Jordan UT 84084 or PO Box 708891, Sandy UT 84070.  Phone:  801-254-2152.

This footnote appeared on every page: “The “List of Petitions” beginning on page ii may contain additional information on individual petitions.”

In the list of completed projects posted at you will find census substitutes for 18 states–oaths of allegiance, lists of inhabitants, militia lists, petitions, tax lists, surname rolls, freemen and servants lists, jury lists, tithables, ratables, decennial lists, election returns, early census listings, and prisoners taken in battle.  A special project includes the extraction of lists and names from the Territorial Papers of the US, 26 volumes.

The website also has a special article : “The Territorial Papers of the United States,” written by John Stemmons.  An electronic copy of the article in Word is available from

Census Trail is a for fee website.  Searching the index is free.  Check it out.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Census Indexes and Images, Part I is on blog 19 June 2012; Using the Census, Part II:  Locator Indexes is on blog 21 June 2012.

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